Prazna Torba

Prazni Torba (or Prazna Torba) – locality, in other words ridge of the Mountain Karadzitsa which at the same time represents water-shed between the rivers Marcova and Kadina. About the origin of the name, “Prazni Torba” there is a tradition according to which that name is given to the source because so strong and cold water is coming out of there, that when the villagers from the surrounding vilages who are going in the mountain to gather trees sit to rest besides the river, for couple of hours they empty their bags with the stocks they prepared for a few days. Locality “Prazna Torba” represents flattened mountain overpass with altitude ranging from 1358, 1389, 1317, 1359, 1362 и 1336 meters between the tops “Kalja” with height 1710 – 1675 meters on the southwest and “Bajrak” (or Temna Buka) 1527 meters on the northeast. In the locality are crossing three earthen collieries who are leading to the village ,,Crn Vrv’’ and the locality ,,Brazda-Selacovo’’ on the west and southwest, the village ,,Cvetovo’’ on the north and the valley of the river ,,Kadina’’ to the locality ,,Krusha’’ and the village ,,Aldinci’’ on the east. On the locality ,,Prazni Torba’’ there is a strong and beautiful source of water on which are built sideways and sheepfold to the farmers from ,,Cvetovo’’ and because of this advantages and the flattened terrain of the locality is suitable for camping with tents on the road to ,,Salakovski ‘’ lakes and the top ,,Ubava’’ and the rest of ,,Karadzitsa’’ and ,,Jakupitsa’’. In spite of “Prazni Torba’’ is located mountain lodge “Karadzitsa”. Due to its distinct location and height on the locality “Prazna Torba” there is a base line for the mobile network.