Solunska glava

Solunska Glava (2540m) is one of the highest peaks in Macedonia. It is highest peak of several massifs in the central part of the country, south of capital Skopje. These three massifs are Dautica (2178m)S of Solunska Glava, Karadjica (2472m), on the NW and Jakupica (2112m), on the SE. Between Jakupica and Dautica is Babuna river valley. One might say that Solunska Glava is highest peak of all three crests because there isn’t distinctive border between them and they touch at Solunska Glava. Among themselves these 3 massifs have many peaks above 2000m. One more mountain belongs to this group of mountains. It is Golesnica (1935m), on the NE, but it is well separated from Jakupica and Karadjica.

While it is difficult to draw borders between these 3 mountains and determine to which one Solunska Glava belongs, it is easy to determine borders of the whole group. On the N is river Vardar valley and capital Skopje. On the E along the group also river Vardar flows. In its valley Veles town is placed, which is main gateway to climb Solunska Glava. On the S is river Babuna valley, Babuna mountain and Prilepsko Pole field. On the W river Treskavalley separates the group from Celoica (2061m) and Suva Gora (1748m) mountains.

map from our lodge: